Welcome To YWAM Osaka Asian Center DTS

The God of David, Moses, Paul...

Not just the God of famous characters in the Bible, but my God that created and gave his life for me

Who is God, not only what he has done, but who is God

and who am I

Why was I created, what do I live for

what am I heading for

The ones I love and this world

How do I comprehend, how do I relate with them

to let go of occupied life for a moment

and sit next to God, an encounter, an experience

longing to know who my God is, who I am, and who the world is

to stand firm in God, to walk in Him throughout the rest of your days

We invite you to Osaka DTS.

YWAM Osaka Asian Center DTS

The DTS program is for those who want to take time away from their everyday lives
and learn more about God through a full-time 6-month training period.
It is a season to learn on how to live as Christians together with this world
but at the same time as Christians not of this world.

Since its beginning in 1960 with YWAM International,
there are about 300 DTS programs happening in more than 150 places accordance to each nation, culture and environment.

Life as a Christian

Living as a community with the youth of Japan

Evangelical life with those who serve in the mission field

YWAM Osaka Asian Center DTS started

in 1993 and was privileged to have 24 seasons with about 250 Korean and Japanese graduates.
A quarter of the graduates are living as missionaries, pastors and full-time evangelists.


Life in God


Lecture speaking to the heart and mind

A time to learn who God is, who I am in God and the mission of God through the Bible

A life to know God and love God

    An intimate relationship with
    God through the Bible

・Character of God
    Learn about the righteousness,
    love and justice of God

    A life walking with God as a worshipper

・Prayer and Intercession
    The secret of abundant blessing
    through prayer

・Father's Love
    The love and healing of the Father God
    and experience of reconciliation in
    one's relationship with God

・Baptism of the Holy Spirit
    / Gift of the Holy Spirit
    About a life filled with the Holy Spirit
    and the abundant gifts of the Holy Spirit
    God has given to us

A life that sees self and others through God's eyes

・Openness & Brokenness
    A victorious life as a Christian

・Biblical Self innovation
    To find one's true image
    in the eyes of God and being renewed

・Plumb Line
    God's unmoving standards

・Spiritual growth
    To mature in Jesus' image through
    the guidance of the Holy Spirit

    God and I, others and I

A life in this world as an evangelist in God's perspective

・Evangelism in Japan
    Evangelizing with those who
    serve in the mission field

    The heart of God towards a lost soul

    A life to serve just as Jesus washed
    his disciples' feet

    A happy life to give than to receive
    and the blessing that comes from it

・Financial principles as a Christian
    A life as a steward towards one's
    given financial status

・Commitment to God
    A privilege to commit our lives to God

・Introduction to the History of Christianity
    Learn about the history of early
    Christianity through an academic

・History of Christianity in Japan
    Life received from inherited faith

Life living with the few

Outreach PHASE

Encounter the heart of God

After the 3-month lecture phase, we enter the outreach phase. Outreach is to apply what the students have learned and experienced as they will evangelize and serve community churches in designated regions and countries.

Outreach in Japan

Christianity came to Japan early as from 1549, but Christianity was also persecuted for more than 200 years that led to many Christian martyrs. The outreach in Japan will be hosted in local Japanese churches and serving the needs of the churches.

Outreach to a Third World country

Koreans and Japanese students will be united to go to East Asian countries that Japan has dominated during World War II.
These are nations with regions that have never heard of the Gospel, church communities that hold underground services due to persecution and places that are continually struggling due to the aftermath of war. As we live and serve with the local Christians, the outreach will encourage students to learn about the heart of God and challenge students on living a life following Christ.

Countries we have visited

Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Mongolia, Sakhalin, South Korea, Cambodia, India, Saipan, Tinian

Eat Hard Work Hard Love Hard

Life living as a family


Community abundant in Christ

Diverse people of different nations and backgrounds gathered to live as a family.
Though it may not always be an easy path, as we embrace and commit to each other, we come to experience the love and grace of God and the significance of the body of Christ.
It is our aspiration, that we are transformed and polished to live as followers of Christ through this path.

Eat Hard, Work Hard, Love Hard

Life changes and training take place at this time.




강의와 예배

Worship & Lecture



Flock Group

Flock Group(Small group)


SUM(Preparing for outreach)


Language class

Community Living

Community Living

Family Time

Family Time


Outreach research

ove Feast (애찬식)

Love Feast

일본 문화 체험

Experience Japanese culture

전도&Prayer walk

Evangelism & Prayer walk

To Know God and
To Make Him Known

YWAM Osaka Asian Center DTS

We invite you to DTS.!

Those who have been called to Japan, or have a sense that you have been called

Those who have a longing to learn more about the God that they believe in, to touch God

Those who hope to know about Japan not through books and prejudice, but through what God shows you

Those who want to experience a foreign culture through short-term mission before going out to the mission field

Those who want to reconcile the first love you had with God

Those who want to straighten up their life and live a life that follows Christ

Those who want to abundantly love God

Those who want to commit their lives for Christ

Information on 26th DTS

15 April 2023~15 Sep 2023
18-35 years old / single
Japanese, Korean & English
Lecture (include living expense) - ¥360,000 / Outreach ¥350,000
Outreach expenses may differ according to designated country
Process of admission
Application - Interview – Result announcement – Tuition payment – Submission of paper - Admission


Nishiawaji3-7-8, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan 533-0031