YWAM's Covenantal Framework

Spiritual Legacy 4 Christian Magna Carta ~1981

It was late in 1981 when YWAM leaders from around the world gathered in Kona, Hawaii, for the First International Strategy Conference. YWAM was 21 years old and there was a sense that we had “come of age.” There was great anticipation for what the Lord would say and how he would lead us.

As the leaders gathered for their initial meeting they had a profound time of worship. When that time drew to a close, Loren said,

“Our goal is not to pursue our own agenda, but to hear from God. Before we do anything else, let us each seek God alone. Ask him what he wants to tell us and then we will come back and share that with one another.”

Everyone dispersed to listen to God individually. As soon as Loren was alone, he sensed God began to speak to him. He reports, “I wrote as fast as I could on what I understood to be the Christian Magna Carta.”

Now, the original Magna Carta is a famous historical document composed it England in the year 1215. It is one of the first political documents that details basic human rights. In a similar way, the Christian Magna Carta details the Gospel rights that every human being has. It expresses all that which is implied in the Great Commission, as seen through the eyes of all those who should benefit from the Good News of the Kingdom. What can those who do not yet know Jesus expect from Jesus followers? The six points lead to a compelling, holistic answer that echoes both the actions and the words of Jesus, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Mat 25:40).

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